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  1. Awrexas IG

    Druga runda PMC

    No źle policzyłem sobie no, zostawcie mnie :C
  2. Awrexas IG / 969 / Poland / PRO
  3. Each incident to be investigated must be reported in this topic. Report must contain the gamertags of the participants involved in the incident, race number and lap, recorded video of the incident in good quality, short description. Example: Gamertag / 111 / Lap 4 / / He pushed me off on purpose Each player has 72 hours to report an incident.
  4. Awrexas IG

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    Ultima Thule Racing / Awrexas IG / KapienPL / Mazda / 696/695 / Poland
  5. Awrexas IG

    Nagroda Fair Play

    1. FTP Mickey 2.UMP Martin Dużo czystej walki.
  6. Inertia Garage KapielPL / Awrexas IG / FTP MichalZdr McLaren