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    Thrustmaster 24h of Sebring (Eng)

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    While we wait for a launch of upcoming Forza Motorsport 7, we would love to invite you to a final, farewell race which will top long exciting season. Next international endurance race will take place on Sebring track. This time around we will compete for 24 hours! It’s a first time Forza Motorsport Polska will organize race that long. Entire event will take 2 days to complete and before the main race drivers will practice in training sessions. First training session will take place on upcoming Sunday 27.08. In this event 13 teams from Poland, Germany, Italy and Brazil will compete head to head. You can still sing up, next teams are continuously registering up. Main partner of the event is Thrustmaster they will sponsor a price for the best teams.

    You will compete in two classes, GT and Prototypes. You can watch entire race live on Twitch with polish or german commentary to choose from. The list of registered teams is down below:

    1. Thrustmaster Racing Team / Prototype / POL
    2. PW Werksteam / Prototype / GER
    3. Pißwasser Racing / GT / GER
    4. PCH Racing Department / GT / ITA
    5. Gulf VR46 / GT / GER
    6. e-Sport Racer / GT / BRA
    7.  Racing Bulls Motorsports Corvette DPi Team/ Prototype / BRA
    8. Racing Bulls Motorsports Corvette GT Team / GT / BRA
    9. Planet Caravan Racing / GT / GER
    10.  Badscher Motorsport DP / Prototype / GER
    11. Badscher Motorsport GT / GT / GER
    12. Badscher Driving Academy / GT / GER
    13. HOPE Racing / Prototype / POL
    14. Techland FMPL GTdivision / GT / POL

    It’s worth mentioning that in all of the teams we got over 65 drivers!
    All the useful informations about signing up and registering teams you will find here. Scores and leaderboards of each race will be updated in real time on forum and Facebook page. If you don’t start in this event feel free to follow race report on 16th-17th of September.
    Link to the Twitch stream you will find in a event thread where you will also find rules and regulations of the event —> Thustmaster 24h of Sebaring
    Thrustmaster 24h of Sebring will be also some kind of a testing environment for our upcoming online league IFC. We don’t want to give away the full name of the event just yet, but stay put. You can expect something big with the launch of the Forza Motorsport 7!
    Szymon Lenarczyk (Szymkozbogdanca)

    Edited by szymkozbogdanca


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