Mmoexp FIFA 23:His stamina might be a bit stronger however,

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This is among the reasons why his rating increased dramatically in a short time, from 89 up to 91 in only a year.Lewandowski is a master striker! With FUT 23 Coins a height nearly as tall similar to Benzema and with slightly higher strength, Lewandowski can easily compete in terms of speed and speed with any other player mentioned above.

Many players actually consider him even better and would easily give him a rating of 92, which is currently the top scorer in the league. His build-up play and his ability to pass would likely guarantee such high placement.Nonetheless, if you're looking for a striker who is solid and has some length, this is another great substitute for Mbappe.Many FIFA players might not be aware of just how excellent the Korean footballer is particularly when it comes to his shooting ability.

Alongside his remarkable speed and acceleration, his passing and dribbling skills are just as good. Given that he is left-handed and has a left wing, he could be an effective teammate and can also add attacking capability.

His stamina might be a bit stronger however, there's plenty of stamina to last for periods of time, so keep an eye for him.Ronaldo and Messi used to be some of the most fast players in the league but because Lionel Messi has a short stature and only Cristiano Ronaldo can be described as a reliable long-distance player.

This could be Ronaldo's final season in the top-tier ratings of FIFA Buy him now, If not for his incredible stats, then for his legendary position.If we're talking FIFA 23 Coins buy about serious drawbacks, then the only thing that Ronaldo has to improve in the game is his passing capabilities that are in need of improvement.

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