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REGLEMENT for Endurance Hero R1 - 12h of Spa-Francorchamps


1. Requirements for painting - mandatory logo:
  • Racing label - need to be placed at left and right side, size 0.21.
  • Racing number - black colour, font 11, size 0.28 by 0.28.
  • Forza Motorsport Polska
  • www.forzamotorsport.pl
  • MaD logo - size 0.05 (three stickers - left and right side of the car + front hood)
  • MaD Racing - size 0.05 (two stickers - left and right side of the car)

Drivers must have at least one of each stickers in a visible place, unless otherwise specified.
You can find all the stickers in game at UMP Hornet and LESIO PL profiles. You can also find them by searching PMC.

Racing label you can find at PMC Adi profile, name: Porsche FMPL. 


2. Track:

3. Cars and their regulations:



4. Raceday, the weather for each stint:
5. Registration for the race
  • Any player who wants to take part in the race will have to sign up a team (2 members, max 3 members) in the appropriate topic on the forum.
  • Each car must be driven by minimum 2 people !!!
  • Each team must submit a list of all stints with assigned driver for every stint at least three days before the race


6. Race form:
  • We go with 6 stints
  • Each stint takes 1h 45min
  • 2 mandatory pitstops in every stint !!!
  • One driver can drive up to 3 Stints in a row !!!
  • For each stint a host will be assigned to start always on time


7. Forbidden assists
  • automatic braking
  • automatic steering
  • Friction Assist


8. Scoring for each race:
  • After each stint a screenshot must be taken to calculate the amount of kilometers.
  • The standings will be updated after every stint in a thread on the forum and on our Offical Facebook site.
  • The team with the highest amount of kilometers wins the race


9. Penalties
  • No obligatory stickers - 5km for all stints
  • Different cars painting just 1 Team -  20km to stint
  • The accident - a warning for minor offenses, exclusion from the race.
  • Start another car than originally chosen - 50 km for a stint

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