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Lobby assignment

- You can find lobby assignment on forum, and it will be posted at least 24 hours before race.

- If there will be more than 24 players then they will be splitted between two lobbies depending on qualification time.

- If there will be more than 30 players, then in first lobby will be 20 of them, and all the rest in second lobby.

- In case of 25-29 players and odd number of them, in first lobby will be one more player than in second.

- If there will be two lobbies then scoring system looks like the one in regulation thread. Scoring for lobby 2 will follow up lobby 1.   

For example : If in lobby 1 will be 15 people, then first place in lobby 2 will get points as for 16th place.

- After the first race there won't be any lobby changes, even if someone gonna leave lobby 1 but in this case people in second lobby will get more points.

- After qualification session everyone will get invitation from host. Make sure that you got hosts as friends before start of qualification/race.

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