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  1. Danilo Madia

    Individual registration / Zapisy indywidualne

    FNR Gian D Azzz enter in FNR infernal trush team. He choose the number #3.
  2. Danilo Madia

    Zapisy / Registration

    Now the team is complete!
  3. Danilo Madia

    Zapisy / Registration

    Oh, sorry. Number 3.
  4. Danilo Madia

    Zapisy / Registration

    FNR Scuderia D'Apolito / FNR Fenderone / FNR Soul / FNR Savonarola / ... / ... / Lamborghini / #3 / ITA
  5. Danilo Madia

    Race 4: VIR North - Discussion after The race

    The VIR, a very difficult stage as I already knew. I also qualified quite well, eighth, but I was not able to keep that time in the race, perhaps for the first time in many years of online races, I shot stronger in qualifying than in the race. I made a good start, avoiding accidents and contacts and I found myself in fourth position. Unfortunately on the fifth lap I was wrong at the first corner and I was joined by the fast riders I had behind, Sony, Sir, Benito. I tried to keep the pace but I did not have it. In the end, taking advantage of the problems of others I kept the seventh position up to the penultimate lap, but because of some doubles I lost time and even Kuba first reached me and then passed. In the end I finished eighth. Do not throw away the points taken, indeed, at least we have removed another difficult track from the calendar. Now a nice break and start preparation for hockenhein.
  6. Danilo Madia

    Race 3: Silverstone - Discussion after The race

    As always, Silverstone is and remains among my favorite tracks, and wonderful races arrive! I started sixth and my final position (seventh) leaves me a bit 'sad, but I fought with many great drivers. After the first lap following Osa I made a mistake and I lost meters and four positions. I recovered, I started doing my times and a wonderful race came out. Beautiful bagarre with Osa, Adi and with Sir and also at the beginning with Imperator, Foz and Arpeggiator. In the end, we take this good seventh place and try for the VIR, which could be difficult. We are fast and competitive! Congratulations to everyone.
  7. Danilo Madia

    Race 2: Sonoma - Discussion after The race

    I made the streaming, I also saw that part .. I got the adrenaline! ahahaha
  8. Danilo Madia

    Race 2: Sonoma - Discussion after The race

    Lobby 1. After a terrifying Laguna Seca, I resumed my race pace in this Sonoma. I started in position 14, I tried to avoid accidents and indeed take advantage of everything that happened, I fought a few laps with Imperator360, great driver, really good! Then I sweated for 30 laps to keep Arpeggiator behind me, what a struggle! I have seen errors and accidents of drivers faster than me like Sir or Anto or Datomo, but in the race it happens and I am really satisfied with my race, closing seventh in this race was really exciting. I stretched as much as possible the first Stint having free track, I returned to lap 24, even touching the second position. LOL. Now a little break and then under with Silverstone! I can not wait! Congratulations everyone!
  9. Danilo Madia

    Laguna Seca

    I apologize for my mistake, but I just stopped at the edge of the track to allow Osa to come back, seeing that it took a lot of time (I imagined he was making the clip) I continued the race. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/fnr-dennyknight/video/60117679
  10. Danilo Madia

    Upload Section

  11. Danilo Madia

    Team Registration / Rejestracja zespołów

    SCUDERIA FNR / FNR Anto / FNR FunkyLanky
  12. Danilo Madia

    Individual registration / Zapisy indywidualne

    7. FNR Block / 43 / ITALY 8. FNR DennyKnight / 16 / ITALY 9. FNR Mark / 29 / ITALY 10. Cricchio426 / 71 / ITALY 11. FNR Anto / 41 / ITALY 12. FNR FunkyLanky / 8 / ITALY Adi, it's OK?
  13. Danilo Madia

    Individual registration / Zapisy indywidualne

    11. FNR Anto / 89 / ITALY 12. FNR FunkyLanky / 44 / ITALY
  14. Danilo Madia

    Team Registration / Rejestracja zespołów

    FNR Driver Academy / FNR Mark / Cricchio426
  15. Danilo Madia

    Individual registration / Zapisy indywidualne

    9. FNR Mark / 29 / ITALY 10. Cricchio426 / 426 / ITALY