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  1. Christian Esposito

    Zapisy / Registration

    Last little change before the race: FNR DennyKnight has join the Scuderia D'Apolito instead of FNR Savonarola. The drivers who will take part in the race in a definitive manner are the following: FNR Scuderia D'Apolito / FNR Cricchio426 / FNR Soul88 / FNR BrtGpp79 / danielevans83 / FNR DennyKnight / Porsche 911 RSR / #3 / ITA
  2. Christian Esposito

    Road Atlanta

    I appreciate your response, i hope the penalty is not too strict. See ya mate!
  3. Christian Esposito

    Road Atlanta

    Poszkodowany / Victim: FNR Cricchio426 Sprawca / Perp: PMC Sony Okrążenie / Lap: 1 Opis incydentu / Incident description: Trying to overtake Danteze on his right (he's on a correct trajectory) he slightly squeezes me and immediately after PMC Sony touch my car from behind making me lose control. Shortly after he'll give me back the position but I still lost as many.
  4. Christian Esposito

    Zapisy / Registration

    Scuderia D'Apolito changes the car to Porsche 911 RSR instead of the Lamborghini. UPDATE: FNR Scuderia D'Apolito / danielevans83 / FNR Soul88 / FNR Savonarola / FNR Cricchio426 / FNR BrtGpp / Porsche 911 RSR / # 3 / ITA
  5. Christian Esposito

    Qualification sessions / sesje kwalifikacyjne

    FNR Soul88 / 1 / FNR Scuderia D'Apolito danielevans83 / 2 / FNR Scuderia D'Apolito
  6. Christian Esposito

    Zapisy / Registration

  7. Christian Esposito

    Race 6: Catalunya National - Discussion after The race

    Bad qualifications, as usual. Potentially amongst the first 8 drivers, i finished in fifteenth place. Needs to practice more and more... Race to remember for one of the most memorable battles ever: Shamball was very clean and fast, he deserves a lot more, especially for a driver who plays with the steering wheel. Unfortunately he suffered from a internet disconnection after my early pit-stop. So, race it was decent, all in all.
  8. Christian Esposito

    Zapisy / Registration

    UPDATED: FNR Scuderia D'Apolito / FNR Fenderone / FNR Soul / FNR Savonarola / FNR Cricchio426 / ... / Lamborghini Huracan / #3 / ITA
  9. Christian Esposito

    Individual registration / Zapisy indywidualne

    Old Gamertag ---> Cricchio426 / #71 / ITA / FNR Driver Academy New Gamertag ---> FNR Cricchio426 / #71 / ITA / FNR Driver Academy I'm already registered!
  10. Christian Esposito

    [ITA] FNR Cricchio426 [ENGLISH]

    Hi everyone, my name is Christian and i come from Rome! I'm a simdriver for the italian team FNR Driver Academy. Recently i've changed my Gamertag from Cricchio426 to FNR Cricchio426. Then don't hesitate to add me, hope to see you soon! Many thanks, Chris.