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  1. Sergio Martemucci

    Le Mans Bugatti

    same don't seem to understand, but I will try once more to explain to you. What I meant was, show some respect, because insulting will take us nowhere. I hope this time you get it
  2. Sergio Martemucci

    Le Mans Bugatti

    I hope that too, even if that will surely be a problem for me, because I always try to drive to my limits, and not always i manage to stay on track. I have to say though, that now the situation is the one we know, so we need to take this matter in our own hands. Even if you don't get dsq, there are other games that automatically drop 2 or 3 seconds to your final time, and that would be great as well. As a community, we should really get in contact with t10 to let them know that we are a lot, and we want our favourite racing game to become the PERFECT racing game, which now it is not. I will write an email and tell them so, once again, and hopefully they will listen. That said, "imperator360" we are all behind a screen, and it would be really easy to loose ourself in insults and stuff like that, but it would be very very laim and only a coward would do that. I could call you crook or cheater or whatever, but i prefer not to, or i just keep it for the moment we will see each other face to the real world, where you take responsibility for what you say. Peace
  3. Sergio Martemucci

    Le Mans Bugatti

    Ok guys this is my last comment on the subject. I have collected these videos from the race. It is not all because I have a life, and this has taken me WAAAAAAYY too much time. Before you watch the clips i want to state my opinion: I wouldn't give penalty to anyone, because from watching over and over the videos, I am sure that NOBODY had a real advantage by cutting the corners, and those who did...well...they ended up in not good places, so who was slow, even with the cuts...remained slow. There is a difference though, between who cut corners after mistakes (like me, novarossi and benito), and slowed down on purpose after gaining secs...and who has REPEATEDLY and CONSTANTLY cut at every single lap (not just the first, with cold tyres). You watch for yourself.
  4. Sergio Martemucci

    Le Mans Bugatti

    The point is that i slowed down when made mistakes, so I didn't gain any advantage, and that should at least count something.. That aside, i accept everything that the judges decide, but I have to point out that everyone did the same thing..if not worse.
  5. Sergio Martemucci

    Le Mans Bugatti

    I ask you to watch from minute 55.30 and pay attention to the sistematic cut that happens...without any slowing down... I will post other videos later in the afternoon. Sorry guys, i did not mean to do position is that no action should be taken at all. But if one gets penalty, then i demand that everyone gets checked and penalised.
  6. Sergio Martemucci

    Le Mans Bugatti

    This is just a clip to show you what I do if i make a mistake and i gain a little vantage. I will also show you all the clips of all you guys going off the track and cutting...some people did it sistematically every single lap, and i am sorry if I had to do that (it is 52 clips, it took me all yesteraday's evening), if it was for me i wouldn't have done anything, but I had to. Because it is really suspicious (to say the least) that in catalunya (when i ended 11th), nobody had anything to say to my driving. Anyway, this is what I do if i make a mistake and gain vantage
  7. Sergio Martemucci

    Le Mans Bugatti

    It is quite funny that you put pictures instead of videos. I am collecting the videos, so that you can see. I did make some mistakes, but, you see, the difference between making mistakes and cutting on purpose is that a mistake makes you loose time. When i got out of track in these pictures, i made a horrible lap, and a certain moment is very clear because you get closer by 15 meters or so. i whatched your video and i have to pay my compliments to you because you drive veryvery clean, but on the other hand, you never drive to the limit, and that's why you were slower. I did make mistakes, but it was because i was driving to the limit, and that is very different from cutting corners like cheating. i am going to send the video tonight
  8. Sergio Martemucci

    Le Mans Bugatti

    there was really nothing to say...i wouldn't have brought this up in the first place
  9. Sergio Martemucci

    Race 7: Le Mans Bugatti - Discussion after the race

    I have to say this race was epic...Loved it
  10. Sergio Martemucci

    Le Mans Bugatti I really have to make the clip of your replay too? You cut every now and then, lozio did, nova did, adi did...If you really want this, I have to make the clips where everybody cuts. That is no problem for me, i will do it. I will also show you how I release the gas trigger when I accidently cut, so that I don't gain vantage. I don't think we should bring this up, because it was a fantastic race, and i have to say, when you cut because you lock wheels or because you lose from 0.2 up to 0.4 sec. I didn't really want to make all the clips where everybody cuts, bot since you brought this up, now I have, and that's annoying You should have talked to me first.
  11. Sergio Martemucci


    I speak for Novarossi: the cut is minimum, we are talking about 30 cm out of the white line (in the old cut sistem it could even have been a clean lap), and that is a mistake that many drivers have done (included yourself). Considering that he couldn't take the right line to make the corner to avoid you after you slowed down very much, it is really remarkable that he made the corner so clean.
  12. Sergio Martemucci


    I want to ask to the race direction why Adi started 4th when he should have started 6th
  13. Sergio Martemucci


    I report that FNR Anto gave back the position after this accident, so i think there shouldn't be any penalty
  14. Sergio Martemucci


    I missed this content so I reply now. I totally agree with you: it is hard to judge because when you start the race in the middle you want to not lose positions, but you either want to avoid any crash, so it is very difficult to do so. Since I know my reasons and you know yours, the best thing to do is to submit the situation to the judges and accept whatever the outcome is. No bad feelins. I am glad that someone gets it.
  15. Sergio Martemucci


    Smart and clean? What are you talking about man? My point was only that there should be consistency in the judgment, and if a maneuver is done by many drivers, there can't be just ONE penalized. That's it. This is a forum to discuss about the race accidents, so I don't think is a waste of time. If you think you are wasting your time talking to me, you should stop to do so. I don't think you should have bad feelings though: it is just a race. I talked to Adi right after the finish, and I told him I didn't like that move, and then we shared opinions about it and that was IT. Race finished, still friends. You should learn to do so, and don't take it personally. Anyway, if you want that, conversation's over for me too. PEACE