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Everybody knows that will be hard race...and was. Qualifications in Spa i difficult because hard to make a good lap without !. i have 2.27.2 it was not a good time...8 palce. Start was good i fight but i touch some car and was slipped on the long straight...12 pos. Almost 3/4 o race me, Danteze,  Osa, Goliath, Diazz, Denny Knight we were close to each others , because of fight Osa and Diaz i did overtake Osa and ond 14 th lap i was 10, unfortunately my hardware make a fail and that was end of race for me. Congratulations for all, that was long season. Hope we race soon. Grazie

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Spa Francorchamps, always epic race. Having done 6 hours of race in the 24h with the Porsche RSR served me. Different cars, but it was still very useful.

Let's start with the qualifications, PESSIME .. Lol.

We move to the race that is better, we start eleventh, I leave quiet, I avoid contacts and I already see all the colors, I see a contact behind me and Cricchio who takes the internal tires. Let's start well ...

I try to feel comfortable and I try to keep Goliath under control which is 5 cars in front of me. Luckily there are a lot of contacts in front and everyone is very compact except for Kuba who takes off (good race for him, congratulations).

After a few laps Sir, Novarossi break the delay and pass, so I can get closer to my goal. Start the pit stop spinner, Osa is among the first, so I have a less rival in front and I can have my rhythm around 2.26 low.

But having Goliath behind for 10/15 laps is not the maximum, very high pressure, I could not distance it.

But everything went well. I had a lot of fun. I reached the maximum I could.

Beautiful race of Damoto and LozioBenito the front.

Excellent recovery and rhythm of NovaRossi and Sir.

Too bad for Gian d azz who continued to destroy the transmission, lol.

Very nervous Adi. But we'll talk about them in the appropriate section.

Now wait for all the results. But I'm really pleased to have struggled with riders really out of the ordinary. I think I have raised my level a bit more thanks to all the battles on the track.

See you next guys!

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Yesterday could have been one of the best races yet, but it has been ruined in the end, and I still don't get why.
I tried to drive as clean as possible and I am very proud of my race. I started badly (as usual, I am not good with cold tyres) where I have lost 4 or 5 positions, but then I had My teammate to push me to do my best, so I picked up my pace.
There has been a fantastic battle between us and osa and goliath, and then we ended up packed behind adi, with damoto, loziobenito, novarossi and me.
I decided to pit early, to try to concentrate and keep up with my pace without traffic, but I found other cars and in the end, after everybody pitted, I was still in the same position.
What to say about the last part of the race. Me and Novarossi managed to reach adi and Damoto because they were fighting, and I saw Novarossi doing what I believe is the best overtake of the hole championship, passing both adi and damoto at the hairpin...but then Adi went in the grass and pushed Novarossi in the tyres wall. I couldn't believe it. I pushed hard and I tryed everything I could to overtake Adi, and at the same point, after one lap, he did to me the same thing he did to nova, but this time he went into the barrier as well. We both damaged the car, but luckily enough we could get to the end of the race. 
If I think of it now, I still got my heart pumping. 
It wasn't the end I expected for this championship, but surely it had tons of drama.

After all, It has been a very entertaining championship. Such a pity it ended this way.


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Z mojej perspektywy to był dobry wyścig.  Na początku powalczyłem z Adim, a potem już trzymałem równe tempo i dowiozłem bezproblemowo drugie zwycięstwo. Dziękuję wszystkim za udział w pucharze, mam nadzieję, że zobaczymy się przy okazji kolejnych turniejów na serwerach. :)

To be honest it was quite a easy race yesterday. I had a fight with Adi at the beggining, but after it I was able to keep nice pace. It gave me great gap so I could just drive and take second win in the cup. Thank you all for participating in the cup. Looking forward to seeing you in the next championship. :)

I don't understand what happened yesterday, but I hope it won't have any bad influence on your experience of racing with our community.

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