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REGLEMENT FOR 1000km di Monza


1. Requirements for painting - mandatory logo:
  • VEC number box - profile WHM ADi
  • Wheel Stand Pro - profile WHM ADi
  • Forza Motorsport Polska logo - WHM ADi
  • These Referrers one car has to have the same image (no exceptions !!!)
2. Track:
  • Monza Full Circuit

3. Cars and their regulations:  forzamotorsport.pl/forums/forum/494-samochody/

4. Raceday:
30th June
Start: 13:00 CEST TIME
5. Registration for the race
  • Any player who wants to take part in the race will have to sign up to as a team
  • Each car must be driven by 2 people !!!
  • Each team must submit a list of all stints with assigned driver for every stint at least three days before the race


6. Race form:
  • We go with 4 stints
  • Each stint takes 43 laps
  • One driver can drive up to 2 Stints in a row !!!
  • For each stint a host will be assigned to start always on time
  • 2 Mandatory Pitstopps


7. Forbidden assists
  • automatic braking
  • automatic steering
  • Friction Assist
  • Traction Control TCS
  • Stabilisation Control STM


8. Scoring for each race:
  • After each stint a screenshot must be taken to calculate the amount of time
  • The standings will be updated after every stint in a thread on the forum and on our Offical Facebook site.
  • The team with the quickest full time wins the race
  • Each player before the start must be registrated on the start list with GT, with starter and team (mandatory!).


9. Penalties
  • Soon

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